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The Ron Artis Family Band

Music is to be shared.
Not displayed, or taken in account of ones own pride.
Music is also a conversation, bringing everyday life into
the focus. This is something we wish to share with you.

We Love You and love sharing our music with you.

-Ron Artis II

Music Samples

Ron Artis II

The Performer

Written by Ron Artis II on . Posted in home

A performer goes on stage to give something.
whether it’s a point of view, a story or just a plain gift.
It’s always to give something. or the performer shouldn’t be there.
There are adjustments in this view, in today’s performers.

Some believe they play for themselves or for fame,
or for this months bills. Well it begins to show in the music,
in the story, in the heart.

So if you’re a performer and you’re reading this.
Remember, remember why you first began.
was it to pay bills? was it to get famous?
or was it the love of your craft?

My beginning was the love of music.
I could never get enough, then it grew to the feeling I could give others,
then competition started to grow in my head. I wanted to be better than
every musician in the world. This dream was short lived,
my dad just put on a few records of Artist like:
Jaco Pastorious, BB King, Jimi Hendrix,
Yngwie Malmsteen, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk,
Eric Gales and Oscar Peterson.
I learned that there can never be a #1 musician,
the world of expression is endless.
Believe me I took this lesson pretty hard.

But then the next lesson began right after,
I was without a reason to go any further,
in growth in expression in music.

My dad asked me first what was my reason?
My reason for playing music?
I answered all of the above.
“The love of music”
“Wanting to be the best”
My dad just replied
“none of these things are strong enough.”
Strong enough??

I prayed about it,
I searched about it, then.
One day I found it,
or it found me.

Isaiah 61 KJV.

So I ask you fellow performers,
what’s your reason? and have you found it yet?

-Ron Artis II